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December 11, 2002


Seat Cushions That Control Flatulence ... Use New Technology;
Help Avoid Embarrassment ... and Bad Jokes

GREENVILLE, N.C., Dec. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Today's health conscious population is concerned about eating right and the trend has been towards a high fiber diet. This, coupled with illnesses, medications and alcohol, especially beer, produce record levels of flatulence.

Using proprietary filtration technology to control a similar gas (Hydrogen Sulphide) in pulp and paper manufacturing facilities, filtration engineer Jim Huza and his wife Sharron have come up with an answer, the GasBGon flatulence filter-seat cushion ($19.95) available at

"The GasBGon cushion applies for all situations in which you would rather be safe ... than sorry," said Sharron, who developed the idea when taking an Internet marketing course as a class project using her husband's expertise in the process.

Flatulence, like death and taxes, is part of life as we know it. It can be delayed, diminished or directed but not deleted. "It may be thought socially unacceptable, but in fact it's a sign of a healthy body and diet for most people," said Sharron, a nursing student.

Understanding human nature, the Huzas have used a humorous approach to introduce three limited edition designer patterns, Musical Solo, Silent But Deadly and The Winner's Circle.

"When an outburst occurs," Jim said, "most of us squirm and we pretend we smell nothing unusual. The less reputable among us blame it on the dog.

The more reputable among us grin and lay the blame where it belongs ... the exhaust fumes of digestion."

GasBGon cushions are designed as a discrete and effective solution associated with Blazing Seat Syndrome or second hand flatulence. It is intentionally designed with a chameleon-like ability to fit a wide range of different operating environments without drawing undo attention. "It incorporates a sound dampening element followed by a replaceable activated carbon material with an equivalent surface area to that of a football field," according to Jim.

"GasBGon," Jim said, "inserts several degrees of separation between the person committing the act and the people within his or her vicinity, rendering each outburst environmentally and socially acceptable for most end users."

For information or to buy GasBGon ($19.95) go to or call us at 252 355-8085.

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