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May 21, 2002

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Sharron Huza
(252) 355-8085

Help Dad Clear The Air, Not The Room
GasBGon a perfect gift for flatulent fathers

GREENVILLE, N.C. -- Those with especially flatulent dads now have help. Studies show the average person passes gas 14 times each day. Yet many dads have more acute flatulence issues - both from a per-day average as well as from a malodorous standpoint. Jim Huza, an air purification engineer and father of three, has developed GasBGon, a flatulence filter seat cushion that applies carbon filter technologies to muffle the sound and absorb the odors that accompany intestinal gas.

Jim Huza took the clue from wife Sharron that flatulence was unwelcome after a potluck supper of beans and wieners with family two years ago. The idea for GasBGon ( was conceived where the Huzas put to work his 25 years of air quality and filtration expertise to design seat cushions with replaceable activated carbon, acoustical foam cushioning and washable covers.

Today, the Huzas enjoy helping others as a loyal following builds for GasBGon's discrete and effective solution to the social and personal unease associated with noxious flatulence. Customers continue to flood the mailroom with praise.

"Mom really loves the GasBGon, but she doesn't want to take them out of the car, especially my Dad's cushion," said five year-old Evan of Columbia, S.C. "Send us another one for his favorite chair."

"It works wonders," said Helen of Montreal.

"My wife and kids and my long-suffering dog thank you very much," said David from Washington, N.C.

GasBGon is a perfect solution for that hard-to-find gift - one that allows its user and those downwind to experience true relief from the oftentimes embarrassing consequence of flatulence.

"Fathers are natural gift recipients at this time of year," said Jim Huza. "But to be fair, GasBGon is an equal opportunity air purification device that works for everybody."

A product of Dairiair, LLC, GasBGonTM flatulence filter seat cushions Clear the Air, Not the Room using unique air purification technologies to effectively neutralize the sound and odor of flatulence. GasBGon comes in a range of designer styles, starting at $19.95. To purchase, please visit; phone: 877GASBGON; International phone: (252) 355-8085. All cushions are made in U.S.A., assembled and expedited by ECVC, advocates of opportunities for the disabled.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Jim Huza available for interview; Photos available