Jim's family can ride in
the car with him again.

Dear Dad,

Happy Father's Day! Thank you for all the years you've worked so hard and sacrificed so much to make our lives better. You've always been a great friend and a great example to us (as well as a great father). We love you so much dad.

Now that you've retired you deserve to relax, sit back and let the big ones rip. That's why we got you this special, special present that we hope you'll love as much as we love you. The GasBgon cushion is the gift that keeps on 'taking' so let 'em fly dad! Let the farts roam free! Happy Father's Day!

Love always,

R, C, A & A. Orem, UT

"I have had about a week to try the filters you sent me. I have yet to overwhelm the power of your flatulence filters. . . . I cannot tell which is more effective since they are both doing the job perfectly. "

Steve K., Chicago

Mr. Jimmy,

I travel in the car with Mom and Dad a lot. I have my own with the checkered flag. I made a check mark on my card before we even got home. Mom really loves the GBG cushions but she doesn't want to take them out of the car, especially my Dad's. Could you send us another one for his favorite chair?

Evan C., 5 years old, Columbia, SC

Can you believe that this thing really does work? Pretty much I've been known for having to pull the car over when I'm driving cuz I let float some pretty mean ones but thanks to GasBGon, we could keep on driving.

Big D-Chicago

"By the way, I let a few fly on the way home from work. I cannot believe it, but the damn pillow actually works!!!!!!!!"

John D., San Francisco

"Since bringing home my GasBGon cushion, my wife and kids thank you very much."

David C., Washington, NC

"Thank you for sending me the cushion. My wife is very happy."

Rodolfo L., Costa Rica

Dear Sirs,
I am interested in your product, the GasBGon cushion, and, unfortunately, live in Australia. As you are well aware, the hole in the ozone layer isn't getting any smaller, and we need help "Down Under". If you could answer my query as to the shipping costs and availability of the GasBGon to Australia, I would greatly appreciate it - and quickly please, I can feel a good one coming.

Thank you very much,

Matthew S., Australia

I am based in London - can we do business - the bloke next to me stinks!!!!

Vaughn T., London, England

Thank you very much for expediting the musical solo GasBGon cushion for my husband. It works…works…works wonders. Please hurry and get your Wokman Pad on your site so that I can order a couple for him when he is not seated. He "walks and talks" if you know what I mean.


Helen H., Montreal, Canada

I'm a stock broker and I tell you, the stock market isn't the only unpredictable event in our lives today. Please rush 6 GasBGon cushions.

John F. New York, NY



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