About GasBGon®

The GasBGon flatulence filter seat cushion is a fun, yet serious solution to the embarrassing problem of malodorous gas (breaking wind).

GasBGon seat cushions apply cutting edge carbon filter technology to absorb the sound and odor that accompany flatulence. The unique cushioning property combines to form a dual filter technology to muffle the sound and the smell.

Truth is, everyone has flatulence and passes gas an average of 14 times a day. Granted, some people are more frequent and odiferous than others. Research indicates that the GasBGon cushion actually absorbs more than 90% of the odor emitted for most end users. This is the result of a carbon filter that has the equivalent surface area of a football field.

The product was conceived and developed by Jim and Sharron Huza. Jim is an air quality and filtration engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the pulp and paper industry while Sharron is a nursing student and experienced sales and marketing professional.

GasBGon cushions have washable covers, removable cushioning properties to dampen sound, and a replaceable activated carbon material to absorb odors. This carbon material is specially formulated to allow for heavy absorption - our studies show its properties are effective on average six months for women and three months for men.

GasBGon flatulence filter seat cushions are made in the USA. We believe in supporting our country and our community.

While we take the issues associated with intestinal gas very seriously, at Dairiair, LLC we have fun with our product and especially enjoy talking with customers. Drop us a line and let us know how GasBGon or GasMedic, our clinical product, affects your life!